Past Work

Here is a selection of my past work as a video game composer.
Please enjoy.

Accepting an award at a Game Jam.
Accepting an award at a Game Jam.

Aztec Vector: An aztec themed soundtrack made for a game jam in only 48 hours.
First Place Winner of Phoenix Global Game Jam 2015 and Intel Corporation “Coding for Good” award.

Ski Vector: A fast paced retro video game themed soundtrack made in less than 1 day during a game jam at Phoenix Comicon 2015. It was awarded “Excellence in Audio” by Intel Corporation and Game CoLab.

Wave-Particle Duality Simulator 2015: Simple synthwave style soundtrack made during Quantum Game Jam 2015 for a game similar to “Breakout” which expresses a quantum physics concept. This game won “Best Use of Physics” awarded by Game CoLab and University of Advancing Technology (UAT).

Dinosaur Story: Retro inspired, 8-bit style game soundtrack composed during Phoenix Makes Games Jam in July 2014. First Place Winner of Game CoLab’s Phoenix Makes Games Jam on July 20th, 2014. Winner of Science award from ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination. This is also my first game soundtrack.

Check out more of my non-video game related music on Youtube and Bandcamp.